Minneapolis property management comes in many shapes and forms. We specialize in residential property management, and offer only the highest quality property management services outlined below:

Rent Collection

We collect the rent. Sounds easy – but what if you don’t have a pre-screened, professionally interviewed, credit approved and background-checked tenant? Even when you do, there could be problems – life happens, even to the best people. That’s when you need our property management services to be your interface with the tenant. When the tenant knows that a large, property management organization is his landlord, they are much less likely to make trouble. Or not pay the rent. We make it easy for tenants to pay – we can accept electronic funds transfers, electronic checks, and all major credit cards.

Enforce Lease Terms

This not only includes making sure the rent is paid. Enforcing the terms of the lease includes many things down to making sure lawn care and snow removal are being taken care of – that is Property Management!

Coordinate Maintenance

We demand the best rates. We give our contractors so much business they will do quality work, and they will charge us less for doing it – which means YOU save money! We DON’T charge coordination fees, or percentages on top of contractor’s invoices. We’re happy with our management fee. We pass along ALL the savings from contractor’s discounted invoices to you, so you can SAVE MONEY!

Provide Monthly and Annual Financial Statements

You get a statement from us including all bank activity for your property, and copies of all invoices. And, of course, you get that check every month. In addition to that, at the beginning of every year you get a complete breakdown of all your income and expenses for each unit for the previous year, so that tax filing is a breeze.

File Minnesota CRP Forms

The laws for Minnesota Propery Management require every landlord to send a CRP form to each tenant every January. CRP forms are confusing, time-consuming and a big hassle – unless we manage your property. Don’t worry, we complete and mail those pesky CRP forms for you at no extra charge.

Monitor Tenant Utility Bills

This is a step many property management companies skip. In most cases, tenants are required to pay all utilities. We monitor all utility billing for you so that you don’t get stuck with a big bill. This alone could save you the entire cost of management.

24 Hour Property Turnover

No tenant lasts forever. What happens when the old tenant moves out, and you need a new one? In most cases, we can have your property ready overnight so that the new tenant can move right in, without any gap in tenancy. If you do it yourself, it could take 2 or 3 weeks, which means one month’s rent is lost. No gaps between tenants – another way our property managements services save you money!

Manage Security Deposits

There are many laws that go into managing and returning security deposits. Homes For Now takes that stress away. We properly handle security deposits and return them to the tenant in a timely fashion.

Direct Deposit

Homes For Now offers direct deposit for sending property owners their rent money. There is no additional cost for using our direct deposit system.

City Licensing

Most cities in and around the Twin Cities metro area now require a rental license for all rental property. Homes For Now will help you obtain this license as well as coordinate inspections that go along with them and you will only have to pay the license fee, we add no additional fees to the top.

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